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31 July 2012 @ 17:01
•Call me Yash
• From England
• Incoherent at times
• Very Stubborn
• Emma Watson
• SHINee were my fist Kpop love
• DBSK made me stay in love with Kpop
• Anime.
• Pretty sure SoulMates are legit
• I have a odd imagination, no just odd in general
Jessica Jung
• I didn’t use to like YunHo
• Death Note
• I hate angst but end up writing it anyway
• Bad at finishing things
• Thinks that JaeJoong should have been a JRocker
• TaeMin is rainbows and cotton candy <3
• Lazy

My Ship List:

YunHo/JaeJoong. ChangMin/JaeJoong . Ji Hoon/ JaeJoong. YamPi/JaeJoong. JaeJoong/HeeChul. JinHan/JaeJong. Jae/Jae. ChangMin/Jessica. YooChun/ChangMin. YooChun/ Ji Min. YooChun/YooNa. Ji Hoon/ Hyori. Hankyung/ HeeChul. MookYul/Ewon. Yamamoto/Gokudera.  Mukuro/ Hibari. Ichigo/Orihime. Ulquiorria/ Orihime. Ulquiorria/ Grimmjow. Tamaki/Kyouya. Mello/ Near. Light/L. Jin/ Xiangle. Lars/Alisa. Bradley/Colin.

Because of my habit of not following anything through, I will most likely write a whole story out and then post it.

So if you want to friend me go ahead! And if you feel like it leave a comment below introducing yourself too and we can hopefully be friends~ (^_^)V

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15 March 2015 @ 18:28
Title: Because of you
Pairing: JaeMin // one sided YunJae
Length: Drabble
Genre: Angst
Rating: R
JaeJoong couldn't tell if it was the cockiness, the arrogance with lips twisted and sinful that made him want nothing more than the younger man between his legs but, he soon realised what a mistake that was.

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"I heard him" long hair pushes back and voice soft as she leaned into the girl next to her.

"Pretty but replaceable”

"Less than a week"

He took two girls home that night, tall and pretty and that shade of dirty blonde that JaeJoong never really understood why people liked. Why he liked. His breath stilled when his gaze found eyes, a familiar darkness. The taller man smirked, muttering drawn out words across the shell of her ear that made everything inside of JaeJoong want to curl, claw at the pretty woman, man- man that he wanted so badly. He turned away just as the sight of fingers skimming across pale thighs and hands wrapping around wrists found him. His lips pressed into a firm line and there was nothing he could do as he watched on as a taxi pulled up and they disappeared in the mists of glowing stars and blinking headlights.


JaeJoong curled up into YunHo's lap, they'd been friends for longer than he could remember. The younger man always wanted more. JaeJoong pretended he didn’t know and it was better that way. His cheeks pressed against the younger man’s firm chest as Yunho's tender fingertips ran through his tresses silently, words feeling heavy on his tongue. JaeJoong sighed, head turning.

"I'm starting to think I should give up.” He mutters; voice tinged bitter, defeated. He sighed weary and too tired with the thought of him.

“It will get better.” They aren’t the words YunHo wants to say, rubbing at the inside of the older mans wrist but he speaks them anyway, the low hum making JaeJoong shiver slipping his fingers in-between the younger man's to squeeze.

“I know. When you lie, I can tell YunHo-ah” He sits up, tucking midnight stands behind his ear, teeth sinking into his lower lip and he smiles. It’s sad and it’s hopeless but it’s all that he can do. He knows it’ll never be him.


Some days JaeJoong thinks, it isn't love at all. Skin warm and eyes close, lying against YunHo whispers of secrets and the hum of music. The thought of the younger man doesn't even cross his mind. But then he's under him snarled pressed into his ear and body burning. His throat's dry and he's scared- terrified that this will end too quickly. JaeJoong’s nails cut crescents into his shoulder, head thrown back as he cries out. He calls him a pretty whore, tell him to spread his legs and suck his cock real good. "Maybe then I'll call you back, you want that don't you Joongie" he hears a snarl but there's hands everywhere and it's so unbearably hot he can't think. And it's then, when he's spread and taken, sobbing and in so much pleasure he realises. It must be. Love, he was in love with Shim ChangMin and there was nothing he could do about it.

Something I wrote up for a friend- Actually a lot more fun to write than Id anticipated. Do I foresee a few sequels maybe-- I'd really love to hear some feedback and maybe questions you'd like answered it was a little ambiguous but heyho, have a nice day <3
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29 September 2012 @ 17:33
When I was younger most likely at the age of 14 I use to think that Kpop or any type of Asian pop consisted of young good looking children that dance really well and sing average but highly catchy pop songs. And everyone loves them because they’re pretty and young and you remember the really badly put together English in the song.

Now I have come to realise that, that group is actually Teen Top. They optimize everything I thought was Kpop when I was younger.

Yet I can’t help but like it.

Oh what has come of me?

I use to like SHINee. What am I saying, I use to LOVE SHINee. But after Hello came out in I think it was 2010 I’ve just gone off them. Flew away from the SHINee world I had created for myself. I had always wondered why that was, why I can’t love them as much as I use to.

It’s because I don’t see them as real humans. Not in the sense that they are androids or animals just they are so one sided. There’s not much depth to them. Not on a level that I can relate to as a person as a human. God that sounds really bad but it’s true. So utterly true it hurts a little.

Kpop has been an interesting journey so far. I wonder what else it has in store for me.

Not really, I’m not much of a curious person.
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03 September 2012 @ 14:47



Angst angst angst

YunJae (ChangMin isn’t mentioned but the other man is him :D )

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28 August 2012 @ 15:53
I've come to terms with it. I'd literally ship anything that looks good with JaeJoong. (cept animals because fuck I'm not a freak that would ship JaeJoong and Jiji or anything. Freaks me out when people call YunHo a bear and shit because I'm like really? :/ JaeJoong's gonna fuck a bear that's weird dude.) So it's apparent I can't use brackets for what they where originally designed to do but hey ho. My mouth hurts because I bit my lip so..that's really not an excuse, damn.

JaeJoong just seems to have chemistry with everyone. Maybe it's because he's too friendly but I just seem to like his friends and the genuine relationship they share. So I'd say I was a JaeJoong whore. I just want him to be loved by everyone. And yeah some..people may not like him (don't understand how) but he really is good at being lovable and just damn shipable with everything.

I don't ship JaeChun like that though. I just, I can't. It feels like...I don't know. I think it's greed really. Since JaeJoong is my ultimate ultimate ultimate bias and Chun would be my ideal type. I don't think I could lose so much by paring my favourite men. There needs to be SOME hope for the females! (Although Id be absolutely the happiest Chunnie bunny if they did get together publicly or anything)

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19 August 2012 @ 15:03
It feels weird eating in the middle of the day after fasting! But the food is so yummy! Eid is a time to celebrate the end of Ramadan. I hope everyone is spending the day with friends and family!

I brought this really pretty lengha but my heels hurt my foot when I was forced to walk to my grandma's oh joy. My feet burn now T_T
23 May 2012 @ 21:34

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16 May 2012 @ 19:05

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Climate change is a current and ever growing problem in society and the world.
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02 May 2012 @ 16:34

Title: Make It Right
Genre: Angst, Romance, drama, Band!Fic
Rating: NC-17
Summary: DBSK are getting back together. 

Make It RightCollapse )

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12 July 2011 @ 19:34
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12 July 2011 @ 19:05
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02 July 2011 @ 17:32
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26 June 2011 @ 21:51
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11 June 2011 @ 13:22
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11 June 2011 @ 13:10
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11 June 2011 @ 12:49
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